12. Big Blue Sputters to a Stop (Part 2)

On the plus side, our campsite was all set up! We all got settled back in at camp and Dan went with the tow truck to get things straightened out for the following day. When he came back he had good news and said the next morning AAA would come pick us up and take Big Blue to a different repair shop that had the correct parts in stock and was open to make the repair. Great! Everything seemed to be in motion.

After another classic meal of beans and soup we decided to climb back up the big hill again with all the guys. It was an entirely different view than the night before. The lighting was vastly different and painted the landscape in a swirl of sun and shadows. We could see some very dark clouds quickly moving toward us from off in the distance. As we sat waiting to see if the storm would come or pass us by, we realized that Jimmy and Dan’s hair was standing on end! We had heard this could happen when the static electricity was high and we determined that being on the top of the hill in an approaching storm was a bad idea. We all ran down the hill and stood beneath a tree to shield ourselves from the rain and hopefully wait out the storm. It was a strange contrast between the most beautiful blue sky in one direction and the blackest stormy sky in the other.

We got back to our campsite and quickly put things away before the heavy rain came. We threw all the cooking supplies in the tents and climbed in just before it started down pouring. It was 8:30pm and it looked back as night. Around 9:15pm the rain finally came to a stop.

The sky cleared. The moon came out. The birds were singing again. And the night felt totally still. The storm had passed.

Luke came out and yelled, “Wake up Yellowstone it’s a beautiful night!” and we all hushed him while laughing because it was past quiet hours in the campground.

I went for a walk and on my way back to the campsite I was struck by how peaceful and serene everything was. The moon and stars were shining brightly overhead. Flickering fires dotted the landscape. The soft sound of a harmonica carried through the night air. The faint sound of laughter floated with the breeze. So much was unknown about the day ahead. What would the fate of Big Blue be? How much would it cost? What did the future of our trip look like?

Those questions faded away into the peace of the night. And so did I.

Next – On the Road Again?


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